What to do with that left over turkey.


Every year, we end up with left over turkey. We’re not the only ones of course. Usually, I make turkey salad, sandwiches (with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and perhaps a slice of the jellied cranberry sauce), casserole, omelets, and a variety of other creative ways to dispose of that left over poultry meat.

This year, I decided on soup. I call it Thanksgiving Soup.

What you need is basically whatever leftovers you have. Cut up the turkey. If you had roasted potatoes or carrots, you toss those in the pot, too. Have any green bean casserole left in the fridge? Toss it in, to! Mushrooms and crunchy onion bits and all. Fried corn? Even if it’s got bits of bacon, drain out the grease and butter, then toss those bad boys in! Don’t know what to do with the gravy? Why, it’s a perfect thickener for your soup. Add as little or as much as you like. Basically, if you think it could go into a soup, then put it in the soup. The goal is to make a nice warm meal for a cold night and use up the left overs before they go bad. If you didn’t have roasted vegetables with your dinner, you’re welcome to get some fresh veg from the fridge, or a can/bad of mixed veg to flesh out your soup.  Whatever sounds really good to you.

Now then, you put all of that good yummy in your tummy left over food in your soup pot. Add water. Add some herbs and spices if you like. I went with what we had rubbed all over our fine turkey. A nice mix of paprika, rosemary, parsley, and a pinch of black pepper. If you have chicken stock in a can or a carton, you’ll want to add that to it as well. If you don’t, then whatever bouillon you’ve got on hand will do. Now then, if you had to add veg to your soup outside of the left overs, then you’ll want the soup to boil and then continue to cook to make sure all your stuff is cooked fully. If you didn’t have to add raw veg or anything like that, then you bring it to a boil. NOW ADD THAT BAD BOY GRAVY!

You want to stir and stir until your soup thickens as desired. If it doesn’t thicken, well, hey, no big deal because the gravy adds extra flavor anyway. And if you had giblet gravy, well, bonus folks! You’ve added extra protein to your soup!

Once your soup is cooked and ready to eat, you eat it. If you’ve got left over stuffing/dressing then this goes GREAT with it! No need to reheat it if you don’t want to, because the soup will absorb into the bread-like food and make it extra delicious. But, like with anything you pair with a hearty soup, the stuffing is optional.


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