The Tale of the Clean Shaven Stranger

Yesterday my husband decided to shave off his month old beard. This was a bad decision.

Our son, now a week away from 9 months old, did not agree with this decision. In fact, he cried and cried and cried. He had never seen his dad without his beard (at least since the object permanence and the separation anxiety set in) so the kid totally flipped his lid. No amount of cuddling and loving was working. In fact, the more my husband cuddled him, the worse he got. We thought that if his dad fed him lunch, he might settle down and become accustomed to the beardless wonder.

That, too, was a bad decision. He would not accept food from his dad.

I suppose now is the point when I say I’m proud of him. He didn’t take food from a stranger. Even if that stranger happened to be his clean shaven dad.

We did eventually get him to settle down. He fell asleep with his after lunch bottle. When he woke up, cranky as always after a meal, I had his dad be the one to give him his bottle back. He hid behind him, spoke to him so that he knew his daddy was around, and after giving him the bottle revealed that he was the clean shaven stranger.

This time, our son put it together. But he does not trust the entrance to the kitchen and has to follow everyone who goes in there (at least as far as the baby gate will let him) because they might not come back looking the same.


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