Artwork: Comics

I have always loved drawing. It’s one of my life passions. Even when I attempted to write novels, I drew my own covers. Doodles crowded the margins of my test papers and homework assignments and notes in school. One college level class all I did was doodle on my notes. I didn’t actually take many notes. Some days, all I did was draw and not pay attention. The grade I got? An A.

So, here’s some of my comics stuff.

The first batch are from my currently defunct webcomic Angry Bob and Friends.
They are a mix of hand drawn and photoshop. The last one, though, is a mock cover I drew in my Astronomy class ages and ages ago on the back of a test paper.

0c43191fc41253cfd87ffc07ce0de519-d4t4zf2 0162762d01da1fe247c2992decb1afaa-d4di5r9 2bd55ebd7ee86329086b7a9c7bda171c-d4e2p6e Angry_Bob___Cover_Art_by_the_lady_harkness

The next three are classwork assignments for my college Drawing 2 class. The dialogue/ideas came straight from the books I was writing at the time. The first one actually references the third one in that last panel. The close up of the book. The title is an acronym for the title of the series that I wrote and lifted the scene from in the third drawing.

Devlin_Manor___random_scene_by_the_lady_harkness Devlin_Manor_by_the_lady_harkness RPC___Random_Scene_by_the_lady_harkness

While these are not the greatest (in fact that tagline for my Angry Bob comics is “badly drawn on purpose”) they’re mine. And the last three I actually got a decent grade on simply for my use of space, technique, and composition. (The official word from my teacher was that the subject matter was terrible, but I used it wisely.)


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