My son’s first real tantrum.

My son Jacob LOVES to crawl over to the fireplace. The fireplace we keep blocked off because of the brick. Because of his habbit of throwing himself face first into things. Today, when my husband pulled him away for the umpteenth time just this morning, Jacob decided to throw a tantrum. He is only 8 1/2 months old, but he actually threw full blown yelling kicking tantrum. He has not done this before. It was actually kind of adorable because he would turn around to look at me, be quiet as if trying to get sympathy, then turn back to his dad and continue the tantrum.

He also has been doing this “I can’t see you so I’m invisible” thing lately. He gets in trouble, will bury his face and continue doing what he got in trouble for doing. The moment his face comes up and he knows he’s caught, he stops. Only to bury his face and then continue again.


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