Secret Squirrel and the Tuna Crackers


In 2009 I went to a local state park every Wednesday instead of classes. I would sit in the park for 6 hours each time. Eat a packed lunch. Read a book. I sat on the same bench every week. And every week this little guy would be waiting for me. More specifically, for my tuna crackers. I had started a gluten-free diet earlier in the year, and as a result had started eating healthier overall. This little guy was perched on the end of my bench one day and when I wasn’t looking, stole one of my rice crackers heaped with tuna and tomato basil cream cheese. After that, every week, he stole a cracker. Sometimes, he would bring friends with him and they would all steal some. After two months of this I finally just started packing a little extra and leaving it on the end of the bench.


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