How are different baking chips made?


How are chocolate chips made?

When a mommy Hershey Kiss loves a daddy Hershey Kiss very much they make little baby kisses. These are chocolate chips.

How are peanut butter chips made?

Well…. erm…. A Hershey Kiss hooks up with a Reese’s cup and they have little peanut butter nuggets.

How are white chocolate chips made?

When an albino Hershey Kiss meets another albino Hershey Kiss, they have little albino chocolate chips.

How are butterscotch chips made?

Erm…. Uh…. See…
That’s when a mommy Hershey Kiss and a daddy Hershey Kiss need to…. uhm… spice things up a little bit so they call their friend Werther’s…

How are peppermint chips made?

An elf eats a Hershey Kiss and farts candy canes.


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