Poetry Time: An Ode to Xanga

I wrote this in October 2009 on my old Xanga blog.

Trying to be different
I become the same
Reaching for infinity
I find nothing but mundane
I look behind at my road
And see naught but the drama and mold

Turning now I look ahead
And my heart flutters with dread
I don’t know what’s before me
But with jaded thoughts I find
My gears are a different kind
Compressed forms of cosmic dust
Unlike yours mine do not rust

I stop and a I take a seat
For infinity I must yet meet
And to get there I must stop and rest
And oh I look upon you all in jest
Fifteen minutes fame you other Xangans crave
Obsessive posting makes you Drama’s slave

I sit back and watch at those who complain
And know that it is they who have become mundane
For being different never really works
When you’re not the only one casting fireworks
So piss and moan all you drama whores
Stuck behind your closed windows and your doors

While I get back up and take a step
Into fresh air and daylight
Because I’ve a life to live and miles to go
And such requires I turn off the screen
But should I crave dribblings of those who speak but will never actually do
I shall return and search thine pages to read through
(But only after it’s been ages)

2 responses to “Poetry Time: An Ode to Xanga

    • I had 3 there at the end. Planet_Weird (for memes, recipies, and random stuff), torchwood_timelord (started out as for fanfiction, but became a user icon collection page), and my oldest and dearest where I posted that poem was kamikaze_zealot (my first ever xanga, my oldest running blog ever, and a crap ton of angry teenage angst coupled with random poetry and short stories).

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