Photography: The Chair

This chair is your typical weird IKEA chair. What made it special was that it belonged to my grandmother. She didn’t care that my aunt had spent a lot of money on it. She cared that it matched her pillow shams in her bedroom. She asked me to transfer the design of the shams to the cushions on the chair. And that is exactly what I did. I then asked her if she wanted me to embroider it to match the colors and style of the shams. But she said no, she liked it best the way it was. This chair then sat in her bedroom where she could see it until, in a fit of entitlement and bullying, my aunt took the chair to her own home where it was basically used to pile junk on.

088c2e2bd923099341b32445353f1d52 Chair___Bottom_by_the_lady_harkness 99ceffac931c48b589f1f79f62478e83


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