Cleaning out an old writing blog.

I found this while going through the posts on an old writing blog of mine. I have very little context for this, and have no clue why it even exists. The only identifying thing I have is a sentence at the beginning that states: The end result of attending my grandfather’s funeral a few years ago.

So, Uh, there’s that I suppose. I wasn’t exactly close to my grandfather, or that side of the family at all so…. yeah. Anyway, have a chuckle.

 “It was… heartbreaking. So much grief. So much pain. It felt as if I had been slapped in the face by a very large tire.”
“A tire?”
“Is that what I said?”
“Yes. You compared feeling grief to being smacked in the face with a tire.”
“Well then, I suppose-”
“How the hell do you know what it feels like to be smacked by a tire?!”
He paused, and considered this a moment. “My older sister threw a truck at my head once. But that’s besides the point.”
“Back the fuck up. She threw a truck, at your head?!”
“Yes. Can we get back to the dramatic moment of my father’s emotional trauma now, or are we going to talk about my older sister’s anger management problems?”


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