Photography: Gemini Springs State Park, Debary, FL 1

These were taken one day when I should have been in my college courses in Daytona Beach. Instead, I skipped class to spend a day at the local state park to read books and sit under the trees. This particular set was taken the day after a rather strong rain storm, resulting in a LOT of plant life floating atop the water near the fishing pier.

792c0bef77e56d4a86f907ed5997e87e ba7b88f36779a6282a78304697eab71a 6685225c59ff490b708c861d9694c049 1f393ff3e218750934be624b4a754d47 ae6a3d7e74c076c2057527ce1a88ea5e 238a89043707a89701e76141a67d4286 53be11d2dacfb901a454f49b915d1315 1dda92bebe9351548e2af4f3364e66d4 8ba21954775f86eb197eb0c130473507


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