Poetry Time: Akkadian Blade

Back in college I had to create a world and mythology for a story I wrote in my English 102 class. The following are four poem/prophecies from that project.


Friend and Foe
none will know
for he is hidden in the snow

divided mind and heart they say
only one will know the way
to find him one must light the path
and give to him a lover’s wrath

Balance once achieved
will be peace at last received
but careful of the world so wide
lest you forget what lays inside


Lost to us the Darkest prince
His powers faded and grown silent
but in ages far and wide
his sons across the sky will ride
from heaven will fall the sons
as from heaven fell the father

Cloaked in secrets the serpent dwells
shadow and fire and ice and light
and in the darkness sleeps the might
of ages past and powers lost
inside the serpent a dragon’s power swells


In secret doth he conspire
he who seeks eternal fire
but power he craves
his soul doth cry
in battle he can never die

one will rise and do what’s right
one will challenge kin to fight
the final prince, youngest and wise
will turn his back to the sun’s rise


There stirs in darkness a hidden light
A sacred flame
The Dragons’ Breath

Born of shadow, warrior of light
he who seeks what is just and right
he comes, this eve, to know our lore
He steps upon Akkadia’s Shore

Three tomes has he
and thrice blessed with son
honor in battle, and power of might
the last of chaos turning from the light

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