Hello hello to all my former Xangans out there! Newsflash! Hong Kong still running on the 1.0 platform!

Xanga.HK is still running on the OLD xanga 1.0 platform. Not only that, but guess what folks – you know the main landing page they’ve been promising but never coming through with?

HONG KONG’S STILL GOT IT BABY! The posts on Xanga.hk homepage are as recent as Sept. 2014. I’ve marked out in red the important points here.

1. The xanga.hk web address is still active and still goes to a main landing page

2. on the right is the “join xanga” link. After testing, however, it is impossible for me to join.

3. The most recent post listed on the main splash page is from Sept. of this year.


Now then, that’s not quite all I’ve got. Three HK ISH sites are still active. Lovelyish, Datingish, and BLACKHK. Of the three, Lovelyish HK is the least active with the most recent post being done in April of this year. Next is BLACKHK with a post in September of this year. And then, there’s Datingish HK…


The most important thing about THIS one is that the most recent post was just this last week! Wed. October 29, 2014.

Now, here’s what I want to know….

If Xanga HK gets to keep the 1.0 platform, then why? What makes them so special?

Or is this a matter of they actually are in 2.0 and have the 1.0 features that were promised to everyone else but nobody’s getting OUTSIDE of the Xanga HK branding? Clearly the embargo on gaining new members is in effect for them as well.

Why this anomaly? Why is the HK side of things still seemingly operational when everyone else outside of the HK branding has to suffer?

I call Bullshit, Xanga.


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