Poetry Time: This Dividing Line

There is no going back
There is only what’s ahead
And where you see order
A place of strictly Black and White
I see it all torn asunder
And many shades of gray

I walk along a path
Undefined by feeble terms
Of right and wrong
Of good and evil
No demons nor angels
Only that which rests along the Dividing Line

I drifted through life before
No purpose and no path
But now I see with eyes unclouded
The road ahead is shrouded
In nothingness and shadow

Oblivion calls out hungry
Lusting after the Faithful Blind
Though a sort I detest
Their kind revile me
If asked I will rise up and defend
Because I travel along the Dividing Line

Yet I am no champion
Of the extreamest moral Right
I dabble in the shadows, too
And relish those things of Wrong
I have no sense of order
For chaos defines my Honor

Because I see no division
Along this path I walk
Shadows talk and Lights weep
Melting into many shades of gray

Thrice Goddess Blessed
And Death Defied
I walk along this Dividing Line.

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