One of my favorite hobbies: Collage Making

Back in college, I was a Studio Arts major at Daytona State College (at the time called Daytona Beach Community College). One of the classes I had to take was Principles of Art and Design, commonly called Design 1. The first thing we did was make tissue and mixed media collages. I LOVED it! So simple, so easy, and I can incorporate all kinds of scrap papers, strings, buttons, and other assorted junk around my house into a saleable work of art.
The biggest draw for me, though, was the ability to add textures. I’ve always been a very tactile person. I have to touch things. Craft stores and fabric stores are like heaven to me, with so many different textures and surfaces it’s sometimes overwhelming.
Below is a piece that was commissioned by a now defunct yarn store called The King’s Knit-Wit. In it I included buttons, yarn (because of the yarn store), and of course tissue paper. I have the different stages shown.




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