How (NOT) to deal with jerk hole neighbors.

It’s story time again folks. Lemme tell you a little bit about a real life jerk hole neighbor.

My family moved into our current residence back on August 1, 2014. It was a quiet, calm, peaceful neighborhood. The neighbors were nice and welcoming. Very helpful, offering to mow our lawn when they learned we didn’t have a mower yet. Letting us know where the drug houses nearby were (as one guy put it “We chase those mother******s off when they come around. We don’t like that shit around here.”) and asked if we see kids hanging around those houses, please tell them to get away from there. Generally, it’s a pretty great place. We’re within walking distance of nearly everything we need. And if we need to drive somewhere, it’s not too terribly far.

Then at the end of August, while my husband was away at DragonCon, one of my neighbors was playing his music so loudly I could hear it with all of my windows closed and the television on. He had played loud music before, but it had never been an issue. This particular night, it became one simply because he seriously had it on at an unreasonable level. My son was already having issues (teething and colic) that prevented him from getting to bed easily. Plus, he’s a daddy’s boy so he didn’t want to go to sleep without his dad to do it. Once I had gotten him to sleep, the neighbor’s music kept waking him up.

So, I asked my mum to watch him while I went across the street. I stood outside the neighbor’s gate and politely asked him to please turn his music down. I didn’t care if he kept playing it, but it was keeping my kid awake at 10pm. He kept blathering on, and i quickly learned he was extremely drunk. But, he was on his own property so that’s his business not mine. I asked him a few more times before he finally agreed. Now, I say he agreed, but he didn’t actually turn it down. He only agreed with me that it was loud, and profusely apologized for keeping my son awake. I asked him one more time to please turn his music down. He didn’t like this, and went to go “show me his sword”. He went to his shed, where the stereo was, got his sword, brought it to the fence. Before I realized what was going on, he was reaching across the fence and trying to grope me. I retreated a few feet, and that is when he started brandishing the sword.

Eventually, he did turn the music down after I went back home. I slept with a bat next to the bed that night, when I did actually get to sleep.

After this incident, things only got worse. He played his music at that level minimum, and over the following two months we had to resort to calling the police a few times. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do because the city noise ordinance is only in effect between 11pm and 7am. It has reached the point where we have to keep our blinds and curatains closed on that side of the house at all times because when there is movement in our windows, he deliberately jacks up the base to the point it actually shakes our house.

The worst part of this, we’ve explained to him numerous times that we don’t care if he keeps playing his music, but please lower the levels because my mum is trying to sleep. She works the graveyard shift, and no matter what we do to drown out the sound, nothing words. It has reached a point where she could possibly lose her job because of this neighbor. We only recently discovered through one of her co-workers that the rental company we got the house from was aware of this issue and would not tell renters of it, locking them into a year’s lease on the place and forcing them to stay or pay an outrageous lease break penalty AND lose the deposit. We know this because my mum’s co-worker’s family has rented this property before, and when they moved, this particular neighbor was the cited reason for it.

Here’s a twist to the story though….. this neighbor, he WORKS FOR THE RENTAL COMPANY.

When we go in to pay the rent on Monday, we are sitting down with our property manager and explaining the situation, letting her know that we have proof that she knew of this issue beforehand and refused to give us the information when we asked if there was any issues we should be aware of, and that we are being terrorized by one of her employees.

Also, our back yard has been continuously used as a parking lot by this guy and his friends. Despite being explicitly told to stop parking on private property or else cars WILL BE TOWED.


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