Skeletons and Pumpkin Hats

Today I took my son to his weekly playdate at the library. This week, because of Halloween being on Friday, they had the kids dress up in their costumes and play in a baby candyland. My boy had tons of fun, and got used to everyone really quickly for a change. He even started playing with the other babies – this is a BIG deal for him! He usually doesn’t like playing with others much. I was so proud of him.

His costume is also a set of warm winter pyjamas. A cute skeleton with a little tiny green spider on the shoulder. (Screen printed on). His granny made him the cutest little pumpkin hat that is just a little too big, but that’s okay. He LOVES it!

Also got an overdue book situation dealt with at the library as well. Apparently my mum had a book due yesterday, but I distinctly remembered turning it in last week. So, I checked the shelf and sure enough! There it was plain as the nose on my face. Took it up to the counter and was like “Look here. I found this on the shelf. I’ve already checked and there’s only one copy in this entire library system. Here it is, where it’s been this entire last week. Take the charges off my mom’s card.”

When it was said and done, I apologized for having been so gruff, and that I understood the sheer volume of  books and items returned each day, and over the weekend, was overwhelming for even a team of people. I’d worked in a library in highschool, and while I enjoyed it I did NOT enjoy being on book check-in duty. It was miserable. And boring. And easy to overlook books by accident.

The woman was surprised that I was so blunt, and after hearing what I had to say, took my initial gruffness not as a rebuke but as a commentary that they need to get more people to catch up on the books coming back in. Or at least have an oversight person to double check everything. After all, that’s what they have the hand scanners for, to check things before they go back on the shelves.

All of that aside, everyone loved my son’s costume and asked me where they can get a pumpkin hat like his. We both had a lot of fun this morning.


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