Random Bit of Weird: a guy named Timothy Pike has started to follow this blog. But THAT isn’t the weird part!

Let me tell you a story of my teenage-college years and my experiences with AOL chatroom roleplaying.

I was good. I wasn’t just good, I was darn tootin awesome. Turn based roleplay, no dice, and multi-post descriptive turns were my specialty. Drama, comedy, and some rather embarrassingly (sometimes) erotic storytelling. I had multiple characters for any setting. Fantasy, sci-fi, modern day, supernatural, murder mystery, even Anime among many others genres and styles. I had my core favorites, of course. The ones that I used in nearly any setting for any type of story.

This is a tale about one of them.

His name, and here’s where the weirdness begins folks, was Temothy Pike.

His stats were red hair, 6 feet tall, son of a Death itself, and he could rock a really mean piano. He was also an artist, mech (specifically a Gundam unit) test pilot, dragon tamer, and a writer.

While the real life Timothy who started to follow this very blog doesn’t have magical powers and bright flaming red hair, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t pilot a giant robot in his free time, he IS IN FACT a writer and musician. I looked him up on Google and everything. And believe me folks, this guy’s really quite fascinating.

Mr. Timothy Pike (I still giggle at the one letter difference between the names), I couldn’t help but give a chuckle when I saw your username, and then checked out your blog. I decided to follow you back as well and look forward to the daily motivational podcasts.

The ending to my teenage-college years story is this: I changed the character’s name and am rewriting some novel length stories I wrote as a teenager where that character is the star. I do hope to one day get the stories published, but it’s not a top priority since they were mainly written for just good fun. And I no longer roleplay in AOL chatrooms. Mostly because the people I actually enjoyed playing with have dropped off the face of the earth. But also because AOL is glitchy on Windows 8.

But seriously guys, check this Timothy Pike guy’s blog out. It’s worth a good solid look and has a writing challenge thing on it that I am seriously looking at for myself. He also has a website so if you want songs for weddings and such, or just want to look at the piano/composer side of him, check out his website yo!


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