Let me tell you a story about my son and his ladykiller eyes…

My son is a mere 8 months old on this day that I sit down to write this up. Of all the milestones thus far, the teeth cutting, the crawling, the standing, the babbling, the first words, none will compare to his ladykiller ways.

My son has bright blue eyes (the same as his dad) and what we call the Han Solo Grin. When he’s caught being naughty, rather than give the typical “I’m a cute baby” smile and laugh, he gets this look like he’s Han Solo trying to talk his way out of trouble with the storm troopers. It’s quite adorable. A lot of the adult ladies he comes across think so, too.

In his weekly play group, he is always trying to give the “pretty girls” his toys. But mainly he liked to go around to all the other moms and do the cute “I’m a baby Han Solo. I’m adorable. I know it. I’m cute and cuddly and the best little man you’ll ever see.”

He also has preferences… Yes. He does. Every single blonde 20-something nurse gets his attention rather quick. He could be throwing the worst tantrum of his short life thus far. The moment a pretty nurse comes close by, he switches immediately into the “Aren’t I cute and adorable and quiet and happy baby” mode. The moment they are gone, he is back to his tantrum. He does the same with his doctor who, admittedly, I and my husband both find to be very attractive.

Now, this is also the same child that 8 months ago was born a month and a half early, didn’t want to eat, and hated the sound of a breast pump. Even then, even in his first 6 days of life spent in the NICU of the hospital where he was born… he was already perfecting the art of cougar chasing. One of the other babies had been placed into a semi-private room with him for 3 days.  She was 6 weeks older than him. Every time she cried, he flexed his arms like a little body builder. Seriously. He would wiggle his way out of the swaddle just to flex his little baby arms when she cried. He didn’t do that when any of the others cried, just her.

Now we go out in public and his adorableness knows no bounds. I’ve had grandparents come up to us and tell me, in front of their own children and grandchildren, that my son is the cutest most adorable baby they have ever seen in their lives. One even went so far as to start arguing with both her daughter and granddaughter, staunchly defending her statement and following it with “You and your mother were ugly as sin. There, I finally said it!”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the effect of my son’s ladykiller eyes.


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